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She remembers one particular moment in the NYC subway alongside her parents. She would smile for multiple seconds or even minutes from one side of the train to strangers on the other side until they would smile back. This connection through happiness enticed such a bundle of joy inside of her that from that moment onwards she knew this is what she wants: creating smiles one by one. A performer was born. Growing up as a child star in musicals, followed by an international modelling career, living and working in South-Africa, The US and Europe, naturally led up to her upcoming EP: 'Palmtrees In the Mist' which Juliet released in 2020. Listen to her music to get a glimpse of the dreamy journey inside her mind as a lot of her lyrical inspiration is retrieved from travelling, whether that is travelling the world or time travelling to her trips to her joyous youth. 


“Music being the garden of my memories and hopefully the bud of your happiness..”  -JULIET JULY

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