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3- 10th of June 

'With a lot of passion & enthusiasm I would like to share this unique, deepening, and transformational experience with you!'
An Adventure of Awareness in the beautiful nature of the CapeVerdian Islands ;  Sao Vicente & Santo Antão.

A 7  or 11 day program filled with Holistic Hikes, Massages ,Yin Yoga , Meditation & Self-Inquiry to create a deeper connection with self and a better understanding of our body-mind connection.

Not needing to worry about anything for 11 days, simply focusing on 'being' while  immersing into nature.. 



-Disconnect you from the outside noise to hear your soul’s whisper

-Give your mind and body some well deserved rest as we take off the load for you to think about the 'small stuff' for 7 or 11 days. No need to plan what you have to do, where to go etc. It's all taken care of. 

-Guide you on your adventure of  awareness.

-Enable a captivating, natural and tranquil environment for you to ‘land’ back into yourself

-Discover the captivating beauty, nature & culture of the Cape Verdian Islands :

Sao Vicente & Santo Antão

-Enrich you with long lasting , beautiful , new experiences! 


-Ways to relax your nervous system and let go of tension 
(Through Yin Yoga & other meditational techniques)


-Ways to quiet the ‘monkey mind’

-How to better listen to your inner voice

-How to create a better understanding of your mind-body connection

-How to self-massage and activate your parasympathetic nervous system through Myofascial Release therapy



My intention for giving retreats

My intention for giving retreats

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Do you want more information about the retreat? Interested in making a booking with us?

Contact via :



3 - 10th of June - 2024 

Other retreat dates are available upon request. 

-An 7 or 11 day program ( depending on the retreat package) filled with Holistic Hikes, Massage, Yin Yoga & reflection / 'alone' time
(Important note: you are not obligated to participate in every activity. We provide the opportunity but if there is a moment where, for whatever reason , you rather retreat into alone time, then that’s fine too)

-7 / 10 nights of accomodation ( based on a single room - shared rooms are also available)

-Breakfast, lunch & dinner ( including water )
We aim to provide healthy, local & organic foods. Vegetarian options are also available. 
Please do let us know in case of any allergies or other requirements (v

-Transportation during the retreat

-Activities like: Hikes, Holistic Massage, Yin Yoga, Cultural /Local Tours with guide on the islands, dinner with local live music 



-Airfare ( There are direct flights every monday & thursday from Amsterdam to Sao Vicente with TUI, TAP also flies there from both Amsterdam & Brussels but with a longer layover - I can provide advice and support with booking the flights) 

-Tourist tax (around 33,- eu) you need to pay upon arrival at the airport

-No alchoholic beverages + other drinks



As we want to provide a retreat in which we will be able to see the various sides the islands has to offer, we will visit different accomodations. 

Hereby an example of two of them:

'Eco resort with sea view rooms and magical energy. Down to earth, on the rocks, with spectacular views. Right above the Atlantic Ocean'. Great comfort and an unforgettable place to stay at. 

Imagine waking up to these magnificent ocean and mountain views!






Imagine how we will do our Yoga in the morning in this beautiful temple. Softly inviting you to go inward, to be still , to hear the whisperings of our soul.








Residencial Amadeu de Deus Ramos Alto Mira

How would you feel waking up in one of these colorful houses right in the middle of the mountains? 












We carefully selected our choice for accomodation. However, we do like to keep an element of surprise to the retreat so we are not showing all accomodations, but if you specifically want to know before booking, feel free to email me or schedule a zoom call with me in which I will tell you all about it via

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The costprice depends on the duration of the Adventure Of Awareness retreat ( 7 or 11 day program) and (the availability of) the accomodations. 

Get in touch with me for more information about this!


If you are interested in joining the retreat but on other dates or if you would love a more customized (private) program for your own group /  partner,  don't hesitate to reach out and I'd be happy to discuss details as we will be organizing many more programs and retreats throughout the year. 

For more information on payment/ cancelation policy and other questions, contact me via and/or we can schedule a call to discuss further details.

Looking forward to go on this adventure with you to Cape Verde!


Important note: This retreat will only be realized if we have a minimum of 6 people with a maximum of 8 people. 

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About the team:

My name is Juliet Cannegieter

Next to living out my artistic endeavours I am a trained masseuse who gives Holistic Massages. 

I love to make people more aware about their bodies and mind. I believe that understanding ourselves better is key in our transformation, growth and health. I have been blessed enough to travel to Cape Verde many times and I remember what is was like to fully immerse myself in the Majestic Mountains, the lush green valleys and the overall warmth of the place. My soul was able to surrender to more tranquility which enabled me to really ‘land’ back into myself. To listen to what my mind and body were trying to whisper to me but what I could not hear due to all the busyness of my everyday life in Europe. I tuned OFF to tune IN.


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With a lot of passion & enthusiasm, together with local travel specialist
Nico Monte agency, I would love to share this transformational experience with you!








We believe that the 'Adventure Of Awareness' retreat will be a great place for people to deepen the relationship to self, to find or understand the root of tension better, to learn how to live from a relaxed state of being & maybe even to discover new sides of themselves all while we are on an exciting adventure through both nature and our own senses!

Who said self-inquiry needs to be boring, right? :)

Do you want more information? Interested in joining the retreat? 
Contact via:

Looking forward to sharing this unique journey with you!

'Born in the mountains into a big family pursuing better life quality, I have lived in 5 different places on Santo Antão. From the dry plateaus, to the green lush valleys, to fishing villages and to the biggest town on Santao Antão, I interacted with many different classes of people from the island Santo Antão.

My professional career started as a gardener, farmer, fisherman, and the last 12 years as a mountain guide crossing the whole island by foot. My deep understanding and knowledge about this island and the true way of living came from all of the above'

With ‘Morabeza’, we are ready to share with you the authenticity of Cape Verde , to provide and create unique programs and tours that will leave a forever lasting memory!

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